With more than 20 years in the Hospitality, Facility and Commercial Cleaning Services, MP Service Group provides the knowledge, skills and attention to detail expected by the most discriminating clients.

Special care and dedicated personnel is provided for facility maintenance, customized hospitality services, technology cleaning and healthy clean environment to meet the specialized needs of sensitive environments. MP Service Group offers state of the art cleaning equipment, highly trained & well supervised cleaning professionals and the best “Green cleaning products” in the market.

You and your employees spend a big part of the day in the workplace and it’s imperative to always keep a health clean environment. MP Service Group commercial cleaning system and methodology goes beyond standard cleaning, to promote a cleaner and healthier work environment. For your convenience and better customer services, we have multiple locations to provide quick response to all customer concerns. A MP Service Group Supervisor is always on duty to maintain our high standards of quality & customer service.

MPSG Core 4 – Cleaning System/Methodology

For a cleaner and healthier facility, you need cleaning equipment that goes far beyond the traditional string mops found in a janitor’s closet. Unique cleaning system, the Process is a combination of advanced disinfecting chemistry, tools and cleaning protocols that remove the maximum amount of soil and help reduce the risk of illness to create an exceptionally clean facility.
Kills germs, uses EPA-registered chemicals and features OSHA packaging and labels.
Picks up 99% of soils, helps prevent germs from spreading and is environmentally friendly.
BREATHE BETTER AIR - Rid the home of dirt and allergens; Four Level Advanced Filtration with HEPA media filter traps more dust with less downtime
This hygienic system combines an indoor pressure washer with chemical injection and wet vacuum technologies to empower workers to deep clean without ever having to touch contaminated surfaces.

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