Managed Services

Managed Services

For 20 years, our Heart of House Services segment has provided professional managed services to all segments of the hospitality industry. Focused on luxury hotels, casinos, vacation ownership properties and malls, our unique turn-key model helps property managers keep their property spotless. Let us show you how we can help you increase productivity, raise cleanliness scores and improve your profitability.

The Service Companies' Heart of House Services team provides services that span front and back-of-the-house. Unlike other managed services companies, our unique turn-key model puts the responsibility of liability exposure, insurance, associate benefits, recruiting, and quality assurance on our shoulders so you can focus on your property's bottom line. Our model also ensures that your property and ownership are fully protected from joint employment issues.

Turn-Key Housekeeping Services

The Service Companies is the largest provider of turn-key housekeeping services to luxury hotels, casinos and vacation ownership resorts in the nation. Our experienced housekeeping division currently cleans 18,000 guest rooms on a daily basis in properties of all sizes. In a turn-key operation we are responsible for every aspect of managing and running your largest, and most complex department. We take care of everything…from recruiting, hiring and training the management and staff, to all chemicals, equipment and uniforms. We also take the burden of general liability and workman’s compensation off of your plate as well.

Turn-key housekeeping services is our specialty. We offer consistent leadership and oversight of the Housekeeping Department, complete accountability for your housekeeping operations and over 20 years of success.

Consistent leadership and oversight of the Housekeeping Department: We select a management candidate for each property who is a seasoned Housekeeping Executive and is backed by a team of highly skilled attendants and quality assurance inspectors. This full-time property manager is no more than two levels removed from the executive team and ensures that our Housekeeping Department works as an extension of your team.

Complete accountability for your housekeeping operations: We take complete accountability for the daily cleaning and inspection of guest rooms, and designated back of house space. We will maintain your closet and storage areas according to 5S standards (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain).

20+ Years of Success: Our commitment to quality has led us to create a proven Quality Management Program, one of our primary differentiators from our competitors, and a Quality Assurance Program. Our Quality Assurance Program, is built on the premise of inspecting our work daily and tracking results on a weekly basis to determine the level of success. This along with our Quality Management Program, which is uniquely tailored for each property and follows the Cleaning Industry Management Standards developed by the International Sanitary Supply Association, has enabled us to be the leading provider of turn-key housekeeping services in the hospitality and gaming industry. At its core, our Quality Management Program includes complete documentation of the scope of work and service requirements; service quality metrics; a service delivery plan; inventory management; Human Resource management; Health, Safety and Environmental Stewardship; and management commitment.

Public Area Cleaning

Keeping public areas clean and inviting is integral to your success and your guests' first impression of your hotel, casino or resort. With over 20 years of luxury experience our team discreetly maintains the high level of cleanliness, day and night, you demand and your guests expect. By utilizing a round-the-clock staffing model, we provide levels of service and attention to detail that achieve the best results.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

The Service Companies kitchen deep cleaning team recognizes the vital importance of meeting and exceeding Health Department codes and maintaining those standards at all times. The health and well being of your employees and clients, as well as the success of your business, hinges upon this.


When running a busy, bustling kitchen, it is essential to have a reliable stewarding team working side-by-side to support your kitchen personnel and keep it clean and orderly. Our expert stewarding services department, with our proprietary model, will make sure that your staff has the equipment that they need, when they need it, without getting in the way and keeping your costs in check. Our experience spans kitchens of all sizes, including those within large hotel and casino complexes.

Laundry Management And Ownership

Ask any Housekeeping Director and they'll tell you that effective laundry management is a key factor to ensure housekeeping runs well. The Service Companies will manage your laundry and linen contracting service or on-site facility, making sure to maintain the appropriate inventory levels from day-to-day, week-to-week. We also manage and own off-site laundry facilities throughout the country.

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